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Perforated Ceramic Ball

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Perforated ceramic ball is developed on the basis of inert ceramic ball. It has an adequate mechanical strength, chemical and thermal stability as the normal inert one; furthermore it has higher dispersion and flux of the fluids, more surface area and lower resistance resulting from the perforated holes on the ball body. As a new efficient supporting and covering material of catalyst, it has been widely used in petroleum chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries since been put into market.

Perforated ceramic balls ( also named the filtrating ceramic ball ) are perforated based on the spherical diameter of the inert ceramic ball as the axis; convex-concave groove perforated ball is opened groove and presented convex-concave body on the surface of the perforated ball. Compared with ordinary inert ceramic balls, perforated ceramic balls have better vapor-liquid dispersion effect, larger porosity and specific surface area. resistance decreased by 15%, contact surface area increased by 25%, porosity increased by 12%.
So perforated ceramic balls not only has inert ceramic ball function, but also can can be utilized to the impurities filtrating in the oil for absorbing impurity for protecting the catalyst.As the particle sizes of the impurities in the raw materials are different among the hydrogen producing,different size Porus Ceramic Ball was made according to the real requirement.   This product has highly acid, alkali - resistant, heat resistant than tables, high porosity, reduced resistance to a more uniform distribution of gas-liquid flow increased, and not compacted catalyst, not charred, extended catalyst life. As the impurities present in the materials are different, the user can select the product by their sizes, pores and porosity, or if necessary, add molybdenum, nickel and cobalt or other active components to prevent the catalyst from coking or poisoning.

Product Parameter for Perforated ceramic balls:
Index Unit Data
Al2O3+SiO2 % >90
Al2O3 % 16-30
SiO2 % 68-73
Fe2O3 % <1
CaO % <1.5
MgO % <2.5
K2O+Na2O % <4
Water  adsorption rate % <0.5
Bulk  density Perforated  Ball kg/m3 1.3-1.4
Convex-concave  groove perforated ball 1.25-1.35
Gross  density kg/m3 2.2-2.35
Maximum  operating temperature 982
Moh's  hardness scale >6.8