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  • yttria stabilized zirconia Beads

yttria stabilized zirconia Beads

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yttria stabilized zirconia Beads is an ultra high-performance, high density, durable ceramic grinding media applications in stirred vertical mills and horizontal mills for ultra-fine grinding, mixing and dispersing. With superior strength, high hardness, wear resistance and consistent particle size and shape characteristics, It provides unmatched high milling efficiency and performance for you.

Technical Data :   


 Chemical composition  ZrO2, Y2O3
 Diameter range  0.5~20mm
 Specific gravity  5.9~6.1 g/cm3
 Roundness  >93%
 Vickers hardness  1300~1400
 Water absorption  0%


Features for Yttria Stabilized Zirconia beads

  • High purity: made of high grade yttria stabilized zirconia precursors in the nano-meter range, which is also chemically co-precipitated.
  • High density media ideal for high energy mills, maximizing throughput and productivity.
  • High fracture toughness and high wear resistance minimize the contamination of beads during high speed milling.
  • 15% superior to Ceria Stabilized Zirconia medias in wear rate through many tests.

yttria stabilized zirconia Beads