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Metal Corrugated Plate Packing

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Metal Corrugated Plate Packing  is a kind of structured packing which has advantages of large number of theoretical plates, high flux, low pressure drop and low load. It is made of arranged web pieces pressed into corrugation whose angles are 30 or 45 degrees and two adjacent pieces are of opposite directions.When filled into the packed tower, two trays of metal perforated plate corrugated packings are set in 90 degrees staggered arrangement.
Metal perforated plate corrugated packing is generally used in normal pressure distillation, vacuum distillation and absorption processes of matters which are thermal sensitive or hard to separate.

Metal Corrugated Plate Packing adopt surface of orifice plate with grooves, which to keep the structure characteristics of metal corrugated filler can enhance the wettability and uniform of liquid filler, raise the efficiency of mass transfer. Metal Corrugated Plate Packing with large flux, small resistance, the advantages of high efficiency, resisting plugging ability. Metal Corrugated Plate Packing is available in a wide range of materials, include stainless steels 304, 316, 316L, Carbonsteels, Aluminium, copper bronze etc. Further materials available on request. Is suitable for chemical, fertilizer, oil refining, petrochemical industry, natural gas and other industrial general high efficiency structured packing. Features: large flux, small resistance, high efficiency.In distillation, absorption, extraction, etc are widely used in the operation of unit.

Metal Corrugated Plate Packing(MRP)
MRP direct peplacement of the widely used rolled pore plate corrugated packing.
MRP can improvee the wet ability of packing and keep the properties of web corrugated pacing.

A type of structured packing.
Corrugated metal sheet with helical teeth.
Must equipped with other tower internals, such as trays, distributors, demisters, etc.
Maintain higher operating temperatures.
High purifying efficiency & low pressure loss.
High flux.
Low liquid holdup.
Long service life.

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