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Metal Wire Gauze Packing

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Metal Gauze Structured Packing is made up of silk screen tablets with bellows, and this bellows tablets have 30 or 45 inclination, adjacent bellows tablets is in opposite directions. When being filling in the tower, the filler from top to bottom is arrayed with staggered stacked.
TPU Metal Wire Gauze structured packing consist of proprietary designed metal wire mesh with corrugated sheets which are aligned and placed vertically. The wire structures slopes are reversed in other sheets stacked with alternating 90 degree orientation of each layer resulting in inclined flow passages and a relatively high surface area. This allow thin liquid films to be continuously spread across the tower as liquid flows through the packing. Capillary action and high surface areas result in maximum exposure to high mass transfer efficiency, low pressure drop and large flow rate. TPU Gauze packing product series includes commonly used BX, CY types, generally applied in vacuum distillation, normal pressure distillation and absorption processes of matters hard to separate or thermal sensitive.
The key advantage of wire gauze structured packing is the high separation efficiency even at very small liquid loads along with its low pressure drop and small liquid hold-up, making it very suitable for distillation of thermally sensitive products.
TPU wire gauze structured packing is supplied with surface areas: 250m2/m3, 500m2/m3, 750m2/m3, 1000m2/m3, 1200m2/m3. Surface area can be customized by adjusting the corrugation height level for your special requirement.

Applications of Metal Wire Gauze Packing:
Fine Chemicals, Flavours, Isomers Separation.
The separation of thermal sensitive materials, Pilot and laboratory columns.
Reform existing columns for increased Performance.and system of ethylbenzene / benzene
second, hexamethylene kelone/ hexamethylene mellow, oneself lactam.
absorb or regeneration tower.
250(AX) Precision rectification for high productive capacity and less theoretical plate number.
500(BX) Vacuum rectification for thermo sensitive system and hard separation system, especially suitable for rectification with pressure lower than 7KPa .
700(CY) Separation of isotopic compound and isomeric compound.
Wire gauze structured packing is not suitable for fouling services and strongly corrosive media.
Materials: Metal Wire Gauze packing is available in a wide range of materials; include stainless steels, 304, 316, 316L, Carbon steels, Aluminum, copper bronze and special alloys.
Metal Wire Gauze Packing Features
v  Good lateral distribution of liquid and gas.
v  Highest theoretical stages per meter of packed height.
v  Lower specific pressure drop per theoretical stage.
v  Less liquid hold up. Economic operating loads.
v  The weir mesh packing with high number of theoretical plates and low pressure drop per meter.
v  Small hold-up, most economical load range: F factor 1.5—2m/s kg/m3. minimum liquid load approx: 0.2 m3/m2·h

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