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Metal Wire Mesh Demister

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Metal Wire Mesh Demister is mainly used for separation of 3 mu m ~ 5 microns in diameter droplets, working principle as shown in the picture on the right. When with entrainment gas rise at a certain speed, through the rack in the wire mesh on the grille, due to the effect of inertia of the entrainment to rise, makes the entrainment collisions with filaments and adhesion on the surface of the filaments. Filaments on the surface of the entrainment further proliferation and entrainment itself gravity settling, the entrainment form a larger droplets along the filaments mixed flow to it. As a result of the filaments wettability, surface tension of liquid and filaments capillary effect, make the droplets is more and more big, until its own gravity over rising gas buoyancy and liquid surface tension force, were separated and whereabouts, flow to the downstream equipment. As long as chooses proper operating gas velocity conditions, gas through the screen after defoaming machine, its defoaming efficiency can achieve 97% above, can achieve the purpose of completely removing entrainment.

Wire Mesh Demister (also is known as mist eliminator, demister pads) is a highly efficient gas-liquid separation device.
1. High collection efficiency of up to 99% of fluid at velocity of 1 to 8m/sec
2. Provides free area of up to 98% for operation and low pressure drop (0.1" ~ 1.0" W/G)
3. A variety of materials in accordance with temperature and corrosion resistance
4. Easy to install by using manhole. Usable without any restriction and replaceable with existing facilities
5. Designed for self - cleaning (semi - permanent and economical)