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  • Ceramic berl saddle

Ceramic berl saddle

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Ceramic berl saddle is improved from the ceramic Intalox saddle,  Ceramic Berl Saddle changes the both arched surface can improve the surface area and voidage, Ceramic Berl Saddle makes porosity distributed even and improves the distribution of the fluid, greater capacity and lower pressure drop than ceramic rasching ring.

Ceramic Berl Saddles are the kind of older generation packing just like ceramic raschig ring, it also have a smilar shape asceramic saddles, but berl saddles’s internal and external surfaces are open entirely. So ceramic berl saddle is an opening packing shaped like a saddle without inside and outside, the berl saddles also perform better as compared to raschig ring in the aspects of even fluid distribution and low resistance. And ceramic berl saddles makes lower pressure against the inner wall of the tower than the ring packing. As ceramic berl saddles are made from ceramic , so it can can resist various inorganic acids, and organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid’s corrosion.
Ceramic berl saddles tower packing can be applied in fertilizer, gas, chemical, petrochemical and environmental protection industries. However , ceramic berl saddles also have its own weakness, its more more easy to be fragile than Raschig ring at the bed plate. That’s the reason we try our best to provide different ceramic random tower packing product for our customer, they can make the right choice based on the specific use conditional requirements.

Berl Saddle
1.high temperature, 
2.high pressure, acid, alkali, salt 
3. various organic solvents

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